Ideas are ah’ flowin!


-don’t worry, I’m really not that Southern…. 😉

Todays workout consisted of 35 minutes on the stairmaster (aerobic: level 15) followed by lower back exercises on the mat (supermans, swimming, heal beats). I did a lot of the moves I have learned in pilates over the years. I ended with 10 vinyasas (start in downward down and move into a tricep pushup).

For the past few days I have been pondering a lot of ideas. First of all I really want to start becoming more creative in the kitchen. I have realized though that when I just “wing it” it doesn’t turn out as amazing (or very good at all) as I would have hoped. So I have come to the resolution that I need to first cook lots of different recipes to become comfortable creating my own dishes. Hm… maybe I should think about attending Le Cordon Bleu Academy…. I will have to add that to my list of things I would like to accomplish I suppose ;).

Back to those ideas… I saw a sign yesterday in the womens locker room about a breast cancer half marathon going on in Athens on October 15th- coincidentally 2 days before my 22nd birthday! This got me thinking that I may want to do it! The only thing is that I haven’t really been running at all for exercise and heres why: Last summer I was running about 7 miles 3x a week. I ended up pulling a muscle in my lower back/butt area after running outside one day. When I got x-rays done the doctor found that I actually had signs of early arthritis in my lower back! Sidenote: In the x-rays something peculiar also showed up which led to me getting an ultrasound which led to an MRI. Finally we found that I had two dermoids which are a special type of ovarian cyst that needed to be surgically removed. This was towards the end of the summer and I had surgery about two weeks before school started. It was rough but I got through it! So long story short I have turned to different things such as elliptical, spin, and zumba for my cardio. I have been nervous to start running regularly again because I don’t want my injury to come back or make the arthritis worse! I’m planning on talking to my dad about the idea of the half marathon and see what his thoughts are. It could possibly be a great experience but I’m sure things will work out the way they are supposed to. (Sorry for this way-too-long paragraph!)

Another thing I have been itching to do for a while now is get back into swimming laps regularly!! Last summer I got really into swimming. The doctor told me that swimming would be the best exercise for me to start doing instead of running. And that next to swimming, biking would be the next best thing. He recommended these two activities because of the lower impact they have would have on my joints. I’m going to make it my mission to get to the pool on campus and swim laps! I feel like once I get the first time over with it won’t be hard getting myself there after that. Not gonna lie, I’ve just been intimidated to go! But my roomie Lauryn told me that theres a separate pool where no one can really see ya and you can even wear a two-piece (yeeahhha!) haha.

Hopefully I am not boring y’all to death but I thought it might be nice to get my thoughts out there- maybe it will make it will make me more motivated! Also, I wanted to show you guys this pizza by Chef Chloe that looks absolutely amazing. I bought pizza dough yesterday and can’t wait to make it!! this looks aweessommmee! I’ve also been eyeing her avocado pesto pasta. She is so cute, can I just be her?

Sorry this post has been ridiculously random but I hope you got a little somethin’ out of it. By the way I would love to hear any comments or tips about training for a half-marathon or swimming workouts- it would make me so happy! 🙂

Lovvveeeee, Shell Bee (that’s for you michelle)


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