Hellloooo out there!

Okay so I’m finally back and I don’t wanna leave y’all for so long ever again. I’ve missed blogging but have felt so busy/ distracted lately. But not to worry, I took my computer test today (that kind of is something to worry about…) but heck it’s over! Hopefully I did decent but let’s just say I don’t think I have a future career in creating the next Facebook or anything… Alright enough of the boring stuff. Last Thursday I left Athens for Tallahassee, FL to visit my sweet boyfriend Cameron. Five and a half hours and 4 water bottles later, I had finally arrived. I was so excited to see Cameron (you too Brooks) that I jumped out of the car and left it sitting directly in the middle of the parking lot. Cameron calls it a “total Shelby move”- I couldn’t really disagree with that one, haha. I feel like this recap of the weekend could turn into a veryyyy long post so I will just hit the highlights (and maybe elaborate on a few!).

The weekend consisted of:

One very expensive trip to Publix, hey- we like to eat! But really, we realized that the cost was so high due to the shampoo and conditioner I picked out…. my bad!!

Running errands around the “nice” town of Tally- we had a shopping spree at Bed Bath and Beyond where Cameron finallyyyyy bought a full length mirror for his room! I told him I felt like it was more a gift for me but he didn’t mind 🙂

Two awesome trips to Gold’s Gym! I really love working out with Cameron- we have so much fun together! I’m pretty sure I embarass him sometimes with how goofy I am and how I will pretty much do anything in public but deep down I know he likes it…. haha. But really we had some really good workouts- I showed him a lower ab routine and both of our abs were sore the next day!

(okay so this a picture I found while googling Gold’s Gym images- this looks awesome!!! and kind of has nothing to do with me and Cameron’s experience there but heck I thought it was pretty cool.)

One of my favorite parts about the weekend was simply relaxing and hanging out with Camcorder (senior shirt nickname, oh gosh…). Like we say to each other all the time- everything’s better when we’re together (wow, that turned out wayyyy cheesier than I imagined).

V8 juice anyone??

But I think we can both conclude that the best part of the weekend was when we found the thai restaurant!!! So…

I have this app on my phone called Happy Cow that tells you all of the vegan, vegetarian, or vegetarian-friendly restaurants in you location. It showed Reangthai Thai restaurant that was said to use organic ingredients and everything can be made vegan. This sounded so good and wow it sure exceeded both of our expectations. The cook was this sweet little Thai lady who would come out and ask everyone how their food is. She even gave Cameron and I complementary salads. After much debate, Cameron and I both decided on the Panang curry- mine medium spiciness with tofu and his mild spiciness with chicken (yes, I tell him “meat’s no treat for the ones you eat” all the time but it doesn’t seem to click yet…lol). We both LOVED our curry!!! Mine was actually really spicy but I truly thought it was perfect. We both kept eating the curry even when we were super full but not to worry, because we ordered homeade coconut ice cream with fried bananas (yes ALL of the food was 100% vegan- except the chicken of course).

The coconut ice cream was out of this world. We ate it all to the last drop (okay, there was a little plate licking involved… no shame). Needless to say, we will be going back there again next time I visit. Which will be a week from today!

I wasn’t sure how to transition into this but I wanted to tell y’all that I finally made it to the pool at the UGA rec center. I was so happy because I have been saying for over a year now how I wanted to start swimming again. For the first couple laps, not gonna lie I had forgotten how tough swimming really is. But after the first warm up laps I felt like I had improved! I ended up having a great workout, I’m excited to go back!! My goal is to start swimming once a week to get up to maybe two times a week (sidenote: This will take a lot of coordination with my hair washing schedule…. I’ll work on that).

**So I didn’t have a picture of a pool or me swimming so I went with the picture I first saw of Noah- this is the one that made me fall in love with the little guy!!**

Swim Workout Numero Uno 

  • Warm Up:
  • 5 laps freestyle with some breaststroke
  • about 15 second rest in between
  • Workout:
  • 5 Laps of freestyle 25 m followed by breaststroke 25 m (freestyle down and breaststroke back)
  • 5 laps of breaststroke 25 m followed by freestyle 25 m
  • 5 laps freestyle both down and back
  • *10-15 sec rest in between laps
  • 5 laps breaststroke 25 m followed by freestyle 25 m
  • 5 laps freestyle both down and back
  • *try to rest less than 10 seconds in between laps
  • Cooldown:
  • 1 lap breaststroke
  • 1 lap freestyle (slower pace)

((**When I swim the laps I try and strive to go at a fast pace and rest briefly between laps. Also this was in a 25 meter lap pool so 1 lap=down and back=50 meters.))

Alright well I love ya and glad to be back! Bye for now,



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