Appreciate Every Day!

Last night, like every other Sunday night, I met with my small group at our leader Norma’s house. Since everyone is in the midst of studying for finals and some have already headed home to their families, only four of us could make it. Norma had mentioned in a text message earlier in the week that she had been having quite a hard week and would explain more when we met Sunday night. I was extremely surprised when she said the words “I have breast cancer.” She had just found out this past week which revealed why she had been going through such a tough time.

I was so shocked and saddened by this- Norma is one of the sweetest, most caring women I know, she’s honestly like a second mom to me (I call her my “Athen’s mom”). It’s so hard when someone you know and care about so deeply has to go through something so difficult. The amazing thing about Norma though is that despite how hard this is for her and how scared she may be- she is so tough! She has such a positive attitude and such a strong relationship with the Lord that she can handle anything that comes her way. With a large support group filled with family and friends- she will get through this.

I managed to keep myself together when she told us last night but when I got home I lost it. I was listening to a Christmas CD I had made and given her last night and something must’ve set me off. I was crying because I just wish she did not have to go through this. I cried it out for a little while and remembered what Norma had said earlier in the night- “I know this is hard but I also know that God would never give me anything that I could not handle.” Norma will be getting a mastectomy over Christmas break and will possibly be in the hospital on Christmas day. She will get through this tough time with the support of her sons- Blake and Mitchell, her amazing boyfriend- Phillip, her sisters, all of the kids she teaches (she is a 1st grade teacher), all of her friends, and most of all the Lord.

Me and Norma after small group last night 😉

I wanted to post about this because it was weighing heavy on my heart. It also reminds each and every one of us to never take a day for granted. Appreciate every day. Appreciate your health and everything God has given you. Love others and live every day to the fullest. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell every one in my life how much I love them! I love you Norma and I will always be here for you. Praying for you every day!!! 😉


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