Breaking the habit

I am officially done with this fall semester! I took my last test at 8am yesterday morning… it feels great to be done with classes for a little while! I will admit, this has been a very light semester besides my dreadful computer programming class (I ended up with a C in it but am just thankful I passed). Actually a few minutes ago I received an email from my advisor… looks like theres a couple more classes I have to take in order to graduate which means my spring and fall semesters will be heavy. 😦 But hey, what’s the point in worrying about it now? I’m just happy its Christmas break!

To celebrate being done with finals, I mentioned to my roommates that we should cook dinner. So last night we had hamburgers on the grill (organic ground round), steamed brocolli, and sweet potato fries! It was all so good. The “fries” were made by peeling and chopping two yams (or sweet potatoes) into fry-like pieces and tossing them with 1 tablespoon of canola oil and 1 teaspoon of chili powder. They were SO good! Preheat the oven to 425 and cook for 30 minutes once the oven is hot enough. Make sure to toss about 15 minutes in.

A look at my plate from last night….

Roomie Dinner

The dinner was delicious and I definitely cleaned my plate. I had realized once I was cooking that I had waited way too long to eat… I was so hungry that I devoured the food extremely fast. Still feeling hungry, I mentioned that we should make Funfetti cookies because Emma had the mix. The cookies only took about 10 minutes in total and tasted so yummy. Four cookies later…. I started to feel so uncomfortably full. Which led me to feelings of regret and frustration. I usually have such good self-control but for some reason when it comes to sweets sometimes I can’t stop myself!

The culprit…..

Breaking the habit

I truly feel that eating a balanced diet- one which is full of healthy foods but also allows room for reasonable indulgences- is extremely healthy both physically and mentally. The problem that I have been more frequently running into is when I just can’t seem to control myself with the amount of dessert I am having. For example last night- I was in the mood for something sweet but instead of just satisfying my sweet tooth with one simple cookie, I felt the need to have four of them! Even when I was eating them I knew I would be regretting it later but for some reason I couldn’t stop. This is something I have really been wanting to work on and I feel that some of you guys may feel the same way! If I were to give up sweets altogether it result in strong cravings and would probably end with me eating every sweet in sight (most likely). This will just be something I have to work on and be very mindful when I get that “sweet” cravin’! Cuz there is nothing wrong with treating yourself but I feel best when I don’t go overboard. Also think about it- it’s not really a “treat” if you have it everyday or when you eat 6 cookies in a row, right? Sorry if I just talked way too long- it had just been on my mind. 😉

Have any of y’all had a similar experience with a crazy “sweet” craving? How do you stop yourself from overdoing it?


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