Shrek the Halls

Happy Tuesday (by the time I published this post it’s already Tuesday night.. I’ve gotten so distracted)!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their weeks! Can you believe it- 5 sleeps til Christmas… It really is hard for me to believe. Especially because it is about 80 degrees and sunny outside. But I mean what do you expect- it’s Florida!

Sunday night Cameron was very spontaneous and took me to the Shrek the Halls ICE display at the Gaylord Palms hotel. I was shocked!

Being my typical self I still had no idea what this “Shrek the Halls ICE” was all about until they suited us up in blue thick jackets and we entered the world of Shrek!

Everything was made out of ice… it was incredible. It was also SO cold in there. It made us really feel like it was Christmas time. Goofy picture time.

Oh Cameron, so ‘hood.

I couldn’t resist putting this one on here… it’s so creepy. Cameron- the ghost of Christmas past….

I look like a hunchback due to my purse inside my jacket…. haha, anyways I took a picture with this sign because the “It’s snot” joke is one of my all time favorites- shout out to my sister Laura (she knows how much I love that one- hope you are having fun in China)!

Today’s Workout

I wasn’t really feelin’ the cardio machines today so I opted to incorporate cardio intervals within my weight workout. It felt great and really got my heart rate up in between strength training moves. For a while I have been doing full body weight workouts where I do one move or machine for each body part: biceps, triceps, back, chest, and shoulders. I decided to change to 2-body part a day workouts. Today was shoulders and back!

Shoulders/Back Workout (+cardio intervals)

Warm up: 15 minutes treadmill speed:4.0 incline:3.5

Superset #1: assisted pullups (works upper back) + low row machine (one arm at a time). In between each superset I did 45-second mountain climbers. 4 supersets total.

Superset #2: reverse flies with dumbells (on the bench)+ arnold shoulder presses (instructional video: skip to about 1 minute in). In between each superset I did 20 jump squats. 4 supersets total.

Superset #3: lat raise machine + shoulder “trifecta” (10 straight arm side lat raises, 10 straight arm front lat raises, 10 bent arm side raises: all in a row!). In between sets I did 45 second high knees. 4 supersets total.

Turned out to be one great workout 🙂

Tonight I got to reunite with some old friends from high school- Jenny, Nikki, and Michelle. I got to see Jenny yesterday but Michelle I haven’t seen in so, so long! She has been doing an internship at a hotel in Los Angeles and actually got a job there for this next year! So proud of her. After hanging out at Michelle’s house for a little while we headed over to Press 101 for some din din. Here’s a picture of Michelle and I: 

I ordered the salmon salad- it was quite tasty! I also had a few pieces of Michelle’s “ratatouille” flatbread, . 

After we finished eating dinner the sweet cravings started kickin’ in- shocker of the year! I suggested we get Menchies frozen yogurt and the girls seemed pretty excited about it. I ended up sticking with the simple choices of milk chocolate and vanilla toppped with oreo peices and crushed up peanut butter cups- muy delicioso! 

It was very satisfying! I had a great time chatting and reminiscing about old times back in high school. Crazy to think that was 4 years ago!!

Anywho, I’m pretty worn out after a long day plus a 40 minute walk with Noah after I got home from dinner/dessert. Off to bed with this little guy-

Night night!


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