“Life Improvements”

First off, if you aren’t currently watching The Bachelor, you should be. I know, I know- it’s a trashy reality show but I just love it! So much drama, so little time. Anyways….

Is it too late to talk about “New Year’s resolutions” or did I miss my chance?

With the year recently coming to a close, it had me thinking about the goals I wanted to achieve in this coming year. More than that, I thought about what I wanted to change or improve upon in terms of life, health, fitness, school and so on. I’ve actually been pondering on this for a while and am very hesitant to refer to them as “New Year’s resolutions”. New Year’s resolutions have a tendency of slipping away almost as fast as they are made so instead, I’m  gonna call these “life improvements” (cheesy? oh well).

Life Improvement #1:


Eat Mindfully: Over Christmas Break I read a book called Intuitive Eating written by two dietitians (Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch). This book talks all about relearning how to listen to your body when it comes to eating- paying attention to hunger cues, satiety signals, and really enjoying what you are eating. They say that with being more in tune with your body- you will in turn enjoy your food more and actually end up eating less! You could say it is an anti-dieting book as they mention how  diets have rewired our brains to think in certain ways about foods- deeming them as either “bad” or “good”.

(Noah as a puppy, demonstrating the art of intuitive eating!)

By thinking of sweets as “off-limits” or “bad” foods for example you may begin to become too fixated on those foods which could lead to a variety of things such as binging and so on. When you learn to listen to your body, it will crave what it truly needs which is whole, healthy foods. What I am trying to get to is that I would like to implement these thoughts and ideas into my daily life. For instance, when I would sit down for a meal I would typically turn on the TV or read a magazine while I eat- I have now stopped doing that so I can fully focus on tasting every bite of my food, enjoying my meal, and being in touch with my hunger level (the most comfortable place to stop eating is when you are neither hungry nor full). 

Life Improvement #2: 

Break my “addiction” to sweets: Now when I say “addiction”, I don’t mean I think about them constantly or have a serious problem but I will tell you- I crave them much more often than is necessary! I do well throughout the day but it almost seems like every night after I finish dinner, I find myself craving something sweet to eat. I personally would not want to cut sweets out of my life entirely but I want them to be something special I can enjoy on occasion. That’s what makes them so spectacular! If I had them every day (which until a week or two ago was most certainly the case) it doesn’t feel like much of a “treat”. I used to pretty much reserve eating sweets for special occasions like birthday get-togethers or special dinners but they have become much too commonplace. I’m ready to break my strong craving of sweets and form a healthier relationship with them.

Life Improvement #3

“Youuuu can doooo ittttt!” (Waterboy… anyone?)

Keep on kicking’ my butt in the gym! Fitness is one area in which I don’t lack motivation although my goal is to continue pushing myself and getting stronger with each workout. I also really want to keep my workout varied- I never do the same workout two days in a row but I want to keep branching out and incorporating new moves and exercises. I want to get over to the student rec center as much as I can to swim laps or even try some new classes at the gym. I am so tempted to start running again but have a fear of it due to the early arthritis they found in my lower back a couple summers ago… trying to be smart! 

Life Improvement #4


Continue to strengthen my relationship with Christ! I find that the best way to approach this is to simply keep the Lord in my mind as I go throughout my day and just remember that with any situation or difficulty that may come my way- he is there to help me! I have a daily devotional book that Cameron’s sister Brittany gave me for Christmas I am planning to keep up with. Also, I am going to try my hardest to go to church every Sunday I am in Athens. I really want to make this a priority because I always feel so much better when I go! I have a great church here and also my roomie Emma wants to start coming to my church as well. 

Life Improvement #5:

So yeah this is kinda weird but this is what came up when I googled 4.0 gpa! hm…. (source)

Work my butt off in school. Seeing as this is my second to last (please Dear God…) semester in college, I want to make it a good one. This past semester I started slacking pretty hard and was not very pleased with how I made out grade-wise at the end of the semester. My goal this semester is to make a 4.0! I figure why not shoot for the best… plus I will be starting to prepare for the MCAT (yikes…) fairly soon and planning to take that this summer. I need to remember to keep a positive mindset when it comes to all of the work and know that when you work hard, it will pay off!

Life Improvement #6 (last one I promise….)


Read more books (textbooks of course…. ;-)) and blog more frequently! This Christmas break I finished the Intuitive Eating book as well as starting the Hunger Games (still reading… ahhh so good!!). Reading again made me remember how much I love to read! I need to continue by finding the time to dedicate to reading various books. Also, I most definitellyyyy want to blog much more frequently than I have. For some reason I get anxiety about it and get too many thoughts in my head that I procrastinate on posting. I’m hoping this goal will force me to post more often knowing I may be held accountable. 🙂

Sorry for the lengthy text, when I don’t post for a long time I have too much to say! Anyways, I hope everybody is having a great start to their new years already. I’m already back in Athens and just finished my second day of classes- I think it will be a good year 🙂

Do you have any goals or plans for the new year? If so, what are they? (Random Question alert) Did you watch the Bachelor last night and if so what were your thoughts?


3 thoughts on ““Life Improvements”

  1. Lauren

    I agree with every single one of these! I’m also trying to work on breaking my addiction to sweets – I think we just condition ourselves to crave them even though we don’t necessarily need them. Good luck with all of your goals!

    1. berrypetite Post author

      Hey Lauren! Thank’s for stopping by 🙂 And yes- the sweets goal is a toughy but I agree, if we can condition ourselves to crave them then we can condition ourselves to not crave them (as much…) haha. Good luck with your goals as well!!


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