Icicle Hands

Woo wee, it is chilly here in Athens today! Last night as I headed to the gym I could tell that the wind was picking up but it was actually not too cold (about 60 degrees or so) but I am tellin’ you, when I left- it was freezing! After my workout I drove to Publix to fill up on groceries since I was all out and the walk from the car to Publix was hardly bearable! I guess spandex shorts weren’t a good choice…

When I woke up this morning my iPhone filled me in on the fact that was freezing outside!

Needless to say, I was frigid! I guess I should have prefaced this with the fact that I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Growing up and living in Orlando my whole life has conditioned me to be that way I suppose- but you know what? I simply prefer warm weather! I would much rather be sweating outside than shivering I will tell you that… although it is fun to actually be able to wear boots outside. Anyways…. sorry to talk your ear off about that but this weather came out of nowhere!

Back to my workout from last night- it was cardio intensive for sure! Since the day was occupied by class until 3:15, followed by a play date for Noah and his furry friend down the street “Dallas”, I didn’t make it to the gym until about 6:45 or so. I decided to stick to simply cardio since I had done abs and a tricep/bicep weight workout on Wednesday. This interval workout was performed on an elliptical with a ramp that can be adjusted to different inclines. This workout is sort of a longer version of one I have posted before. Workout was as follows:

Elliptical Interval Workout (Long Version) 

  • 10 minutes- resistance 8, incline 10
  • 45 seconds mountain climbers, hold plank for 20 seconds following
  • 10 minutes- resistance 9, incline 12
  • 45 seconds high knees, followed by 15 seconds butt kicks
  • 10 minutes- resistance 9, incline 14
  • Run 1 lap inside the gym (may get funny looks, don’t forget to wave!)
  • 10 minutes- resistance 9, incline 12
  • 45 seconds mountain climbers, hold plank for 20 seconds following
  • 10 minutes- resistance 9, incline 10
  • 45 seconds high knees, followed by 15 second butt kicks
  • 5 minutes- resistance 9, incline 10; 5 minutes- resistance 8, incline 8.
  • Run 2 laps inside the gym
  • Pat yourself on the back- you had a great workout! 🙂

A quick note on running the laps inside the gym- no one actually looked at me funny, to be honest they probably weren’t surprised! Also, don’t be shy about doing this- I see trainers have their clients run laps around quite often.

I have a feeling this post is becoming a bit disorganized because I keep jumping around from one thing to another but hopefully you will forgive me. I just wanted to touch on how yummy breakfast this morning was- and has been for the past week or so! I have fallen in love with egg, cheese, and jelly “bagel thins” ever since I tried my first one a couple of weeks ago. I will admit, I thought this combination sounded kinda wacky when I first saw it on Julie’s blog a while ago but once I tried it, I understood the appeal- It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Even Noah want’s a bite (when does he not…)!

Luckily I already snuck my workout in after class today seeing as I only have one class in the mornings on Friday (yay). Todays workout consisted of the classic P90x ab ripper routine along with other ab moves and a rockin’ chest workout. I wanted to do cardio but was feeling my hunger start to kick in along with feeling guilty for little Noah all by himself at home! Looks like cardio is on the agenda for tomorrow’s workout along with… back maybe? We shall see. Hope y’all are having a great Friday and start to the weekend- I will leave you with a little something that made me smile yesterday:

He always knows the right thing to say… what a smooth talker! Hehe- Hi Cameron!

Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

What have you been enjoying for breakfast lately?


5 thoughts on “Icicle Hands

  1. Michelle

    Hi Shelby! I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! Obviously, I love the name 🙂

    I am so jealous of that fresh fruit on your plate! It looks yummmmy. I have to say that while I like some aspects of cold weather, I prefer it warm. There’s nothing like being able to walk out in shorts and a t-shirt and not have to worry about a big winter coat. My fav breakfast lately is an egg sandwich on a bagel thing with two eggs, mozzarella cheese, and a slice of deli turkey. YUM!

  2. Lauren

    Brrr that is cold… I definitely prefer the warmer weather. I have been loving oatmeal for breakfast lately – I just love how it keeps me warm in the winter.


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