Sir Barks-a-lot

Happy MLK Day everyone!

It’s been a little strange having an day off from school so soon into starting the new semester- I mean we’ve only been back a week… but hey I ain’t complaining.

Yesterday ended up being a very busy day and surprisingly productive! I deemed it as an “off day” from the gym since I hadn’t taken a break from the gym since last Sunday. This body needs rest- I always need to remind myself of that. I went to church with my two friends, Hannah and Kaitlyn then I turned into a cleaning machine! I deep cleaned my room- throwing out a ton of stuff that had been lying around for too long, cleaned countertops until they were shiny, and just all around spiffied up the place (probably not a word). The day was complete with a trip to Publix for essentials and bible study at my leaders house. She is getting her first round of chemo on Thursday so please keep her in your prayers!

Me and Norma!

Today, Noah and I slept in ’til about 9:30 or so and headed out into the cold to tackle a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood. I’ve really been enjoying walking Noah  before breakfast for 20 minutes or so on the mornings  I don’t have class (aka: Saturday and Sunday). As we began our walk I started thinking how peaceful it was outside and how calming it felt to walk- Noah was being so well behaved! Not for long… once we turned off of my street, one of my neighbors was taking her black lab outside for a walk as well which then caused Noah to bark his head off! As we continued on his walk he saw about 3 more things to bark at: another dog on a walk, a couple on a leisurely walk, and a trash can that looked like it was up to no good.

Let me tell you a little about Noah. He is just about the cutest dog you have ever seen and is truly a sweetheart! He will give you endless amounts of kisses and loves nothing more than to sit in your lap and cuddle. But man oh man does he bark!!! Especially when he is on his leash on a walk, we can’t pass another dog on a walk, college kid riding their bike, or old man getting in his daily walk (this is when I feel especially bad!) without barking insanely at them. Everyone must seriously think he is the meanest dog, and that I’m not being a good owner by controlling him but I am telling’ you- I wish I knew how to stop the barking. Sometimes I get so fed up that I’m yelling “NO!” loudly at him in the middle of the street- it does nothing. It probably bothers me more than it bothers others- it’s so embarrassing!

“But I’m so cute…..”

If anyone has any tips on how to stop this fur ball from barking at anything and everything he isn’t familiar with- please let me know. Also Noah if you are reading this, I love you little guy 🙂

Anyways after our eventful walk I was definitely hungry for breakfast. I ended up making my new “usual”- a cheese, egg, jelly bagel thin. I better start mixing things up soon cuz I don’t wanna burn out on those sammies but they are just so darn good. On the side I enjoyed a crisp fuji apple- so tasty!

Recycled Photo:

Following breakfast, I cleaned up my room a bit and headed to the gym for a good ole’ workout! I had really been wanting to do both weights and cardio but ended up getting too hungry by the end to fit in any cardio- there’s always tomorrow. A tough ab circuit was on the plan today followed by sporadic other abdominal moves- they were burning for sure just like I like! Shoulders ensued- two supersets for a total for 4 different exercises that include: single arm lateral raises, overhead press with barbell, upright row, and a lateral raise variation. I refueled with a fresh spinach salad that included deli ham, almonds, baby tomatoes, orange bell pepper, and simple italian dressing.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the home front- oh and watching the Bachelor of course with my roomie Emma! We always DVR it and start it late to skip the commercials… wow what a night on the Bachelor- so much drama! My favorite is by far Kaci B. I can’t stand Courtney- I really can’t figure her out but she doesn’t seem to be a very nice person and I feel like she has some problems with being socially awkward and inappropriate! Well it’s off to bed for little Noah and I. He’s gotta sleep up for a big haircut tomorrow and a day of class for me… night night!

How did you spend your MLK day?


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