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Intrigued By Paleo

“Heck yes, it’s Friday!” -Noah

Luckily the sun came out to play for a while today, which always puts a smile on my face. The forecast for the next week seems to include more sunny (and fairly warm) days, which couldn’t make me happier.

Today after class I headed to Ramsey, the student recreational center, to swim laps in the rec pool. This past Tuesday I had a heart pumping workout in the pool so I was itching to get back for more. I decided to do the equivalent workout from Tuesday and I have been excited to share it with y’all! Disclaimer: The first time I started swimming laps for exercise was only a couple of years ago but I love the way it makes me feel. A couple of summers ago, I would frequently swim laps in my pool at home but once I got back to school I felt a bit intimidated by the lap pool at the student center on campus. (picture source)

Once I decided to get over my insecurities about swimming around others I realized I had nothing to worry about. Everyone has their own style and is focusing on their own workout! For me, I like to have a set workout in mind. When I swim my laps I usually swim at a more moderate to fast pace for an increased heart rate as opposed to a slower pace. For some reason that’s just how I’ve been doing my workouts in the pool ever since I started. Also in between laps it’s a necessity for me to catch my breath as it really gets my heart rate up. This workout was done in a 25 meter lap pool which means 25 meters down, 25 meters back- a total lap is 50 meters. Enough of that, heres the workout:

“Heart Pumping” Swim Workout¬†

  • Warm up:¬†
  • 3 laps breaststroke followed with 3 laps freestyle
  • Workout:
  • 5 laps freestyle down, breaststroke back
  • 5 laps breaststroke down, freestyle back
  • 3 laps breaststroke
  • 5 laps freestyle
  • 3 laps breaststroke
  • 10 laps freestyle
  • Cooldown:
  • 1 lap freestyle (slow)

This workout is calculated to be a total of 1900 meters which is about 1.2 miles. I have a long way to go when it comes to improving my swimming skills as well as increasing my endurance in the pool but I have faith! Since I take mini- breaks to catch my breath throughout the workout, it took my about an hour total to complete

What’s this Paleo Diet?

I’ve heard the word “Paleo” thrown around in the Nutrition world but had never really looked into it to see what it was all about until a couple of weeks ago when Cameron’s sister, Brittany, mentioned it to me. Brittany was telling me that a couple of her friends at CrossFit were really into eating Paleo- she mentioned that it was a diet based on eating a variety of fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats, and unprocessed fats. Seemed pretty simple to me but oh wait, it also includes cutting out dairy, refined sugar, processed carbohydrates and grains altogether. Seems like hard work but some people really do swear by it. (picture source)

Having been Vegan for 8 months not too long ago, it makes me a little bit skeptical of another diet that eliminates many of the things that I consume daily. Refined sugar seems to be in just about “everything” but it truly is something I would like to limit in my daily diet- it’s just not good for ya, that’s obvious enough. And I could do without most dairy but eliminating all grains? Thinking about it- I eat either a bowl of oatmeal, cereal, or bagelwich for breakfast everyday… what would I eat? I guess that takes more looking into and I am by no means becoming Paleo all of the sudden but I am entertaining the idea of looking more into this diet.

I actually found this picture of a meal Cameron made for me over the break- this is actually Paleo the more I think about it. Consisted of steamed brocolli, sweet potato “oven fries”, salmon, and unpictured spinach salad on the side.

Dr. Whal’s Story

What brought on this interest in the Paleo diet was a video one of my Nutrition professors posted for us to watch- it was about a physician in Iowa who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. She went to all the best doctors and had all the newest treatments but was still declining! After extensive research of her own using PubMed and the internet, she learned that she needed to feed her mitochondria the right nutrients and minerals to get them working correctly again. She adopted a “hunter/gatherer” (known as Paleo) diet where she was eating plates of dark, leafy greens, grassfed meats, colorful vegetables daily and within months she was improving significantly.

She went from being bound to a chair to horseback riding in the mountains and biking around her neighborhood. She stopped taking all of the supplements she was given and focused solely on healing herself through consuming the right foods. She is now completely in remission. This story absolutely amazed me. The fact that we can prevent and heal so many diseases and illnesses with the correct nutrition inspires me to learn more and make even wiser choices in my own life. Heres the link to the video, it would be worth your while to watch it!

For more information on the paleo diet I’ve been looking at these websites:

The Paleoista

The Paleo Diet

Have you all heard about the Paleo diet? If so, what do you think about it?